5 Ways To Tackle Burnout



Last week was tough.

I felt stretched-thin on every level and my creativity was at a standstill. There were lots of tears and frustrating moments.

But instead of listening to my inner self-care-warrior I barreled through it.

If you can relate, then it's probably time to recharge your batteries and reflect without distractions, conversations, or to-dos. 

Because when you take the time to take care of yourself you are happier, more creative, more interesting, and more fun to be around.

Most importantly, you can handle hard things without falling to pieces.

Living in this fast-paced now now now society can take it's toll. That's why stepping away and giving yourself time to process what is in your mind and heart is important.


 1. Get up and get out. Take a walk, even if it's just 10 minutes around the block.

 2. Watch, read, or listen to something that inspires you. I highly recommend watching these documentaries: Iris, and  Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel. So, so inspiring.

 3. Pamper yourself: get a massage, splurge on something you've been wanting, change your look.

 4. Stop thinking about the project(s) that are bugging you. Step away from them and when you come back; try to think about them from a new angle.

 5. Travel somewhere. Seeing new things always reignites my creativity no matter where I go or how long I stay.  

Remember that by recharging yourself you recharge all those around you.

I challenge you to take a little self care break, even schedule it. An hour, a day, a week. Even if it feels selfish or impossible - find a way and do it.