Tips For Your Brand Photo Shoot

How you look in photos has a lot to do with how you feel. If you feel off it will show. If you feel on top of the world it will show. Here are some practical tips to help you look and feel better when you face the lens.

Prep yourself:

  1. Schedule a hair appointment

  2. Hire a stylist to find clothes “on brand” that flatter your shape and make you feel good

You might even consider having a color analysis done which is based on your skin and eye color. I recently had it done and found out what colors work best for me but also what lines and shapes to look for. It can make a huge difference in how you feel.

  1. Get a manicure - especially if there will be any shots of your hands

  2. Make sleep a priority and drink lots of water (abstain from alcohol it dries your skin out)

  3. A few days before get a mild facial and if you’re really jittery maybe even a massage

Schedule a day off or lessen your load as much as you can the day before the shoot. If you're feeling spread-thin, stressed, and exhausted it will show.

If all else fails wear something that makes you feel amazing!

One of my favorite stories is about my client Kate (pictured above). She was dreading her brand photo shoot and she was nervous. Part of her anxiety was that she had no idea what to wear?

So I asked her what do you feel most comfortable in? It took her a moment and then she said, my dirty beat-up overalls. Once she put them on she felt 100% more comfortable. Which made her look happy and at ease in the photos. The bonus was that her overalls just so happened to be on brand color-wise!

So when it comes to clothing wear something comfortable, something that is YOU. Because if you're wearing clothes that don't make you feel good it will show

Prep your shoot location:

Whether it’s in your office, commercial kitchen, or a coffee shop think about the space and prep it as best you can before your shoot.

  • Shoot in an environment that projects the vibe of your brand

  • Clean your computer, monitor(s), devices - all reflective surfaces

  • Look at the floor, walls, and ceiling and see if anything sticks out or looks too cluttered

Brand Photo Shoot

Help your photographer.

Create a “shot list” of things that pertain to what you do. This will help you flush out unnecessary shots and will give your photographer a good idea of what you're after.

A great way to show your photographer your likes/dislikes is to create a Pinterest mood board with different poses and the brand vibe you’re going for.

I know how daunting a brand photo shoot can feel when "all eyes are on you." I hope these tips help you feel more at ease and prepared. Because when you feel good, you look good.