I photograph people in their environments using natural light. 

Environmental portraiture is different from traditional portraits in that they tend to show more of the character of the subject, rather than just the subject in front of a neutral background. 

How you look in a photograph depends on your mood and how you feel.

If you don’t feel like smiling then don’t! If your arms feel in an awkward position then move them to where they feel comfortable. It’s that simple. I will guide you in posing but I find the best shots are of you simply doing what you do

Since I shoot environmental portraits the setting is important. I like texture. I want to see you in your natural space, where you work, doing what you do, a space you’ve designed. For me, good photography is about the little details, that's what moves me. I believe a portrait is more than just a head shot. Sometimes it's the person’s hands, not their face that tell the story. 

Cooking, reading a book, getting your hands dirty, digging in the dirt, laughing for no reason, working together, and stocking shelves. It is these sweet and simple moments that connect us to one another and connect you with your clients. Below are examples of what I mean:

What to wear?

One of my favorite stories is about my client Kate (pictured above). She was not excited about having her photo taken and she was nervous. Part of her anxiety was that she had no idea what to wear?

So I asked her what do you feel most comfortable in? She said, my dirty beat-up old overalls. I told her to go put them on and she immediately felt 100% more comfortable. Which in turn made her look more natural in the photos.

Her home is gorgeous and vibrant and the juxtaposition of her in beat-up old work overalls gave the photos another layer of texture that I simply loved. So I say, wear something comfortable, something that is YOU.

I shoot from all angles. 

This means I sometimes need to stand on things (tables, counters, whatever is available) or lay on the ground. This means the surrounding area may be in the photo too. So please keep that in mind in terms of what you want and don't want to be shown in your photos.

Please have the location setup and ready.

If I am shooting indoors I like to shoot near windows for light so please clear away any obstructions. If we are shooting you at your desk please have it setup the way you like it. It's also a good idea to clean your computer and monitor, your phone, anything that might be in the shot. Props like plants, a cup of whatever you drink, note pad, books, pens, brushes, paper, whatever your tools are would be great to have on hand. Once you have the area setup take a step back and look to see if anything odd might be sticking out or if it looks too cluttered. 

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