Brand Photography

Brand Photo Shoot | $1500

  • 1 - 2 hour natural light photo shoot  (about 50 - 100 photos)
  • Online gallery to download both web ready and high resolution images

You're not interested in the standard headshot. You want something different. Images that capture your unique services and products, your magic, your MIGHTY within.

My speciality is documentary natural light environmental portraits. Different from traditional portraits in that they tend to show more of the character of the subject, rather than just the subject in front of a neutral background. 

In environmental portraits the setting is important.

I seek texture when photographing you and/or your products. A golden field, a weathered wooden wall or table, indoors near a window.


For me, a good photograph is about the little details, that's what moves me. Sometimes it's the person’s hands, not their face that tell the story. 

I prefer you or your model(s) to look natural, not posed. Sitting and reading a book, laughing, picking flowers, having a picnic.  Sweet and simple moments that connect us to one another and connect you with your clients and customers.

Brand Photography
Brand Photography

I shoot from all angles. 

And I sometimes need to stand on things (tables, counters, whatever is available) or lay on the ground. This means the surrounding area may be in the photo too. So please keep that in mind when thinking about your location.

Please have the location setup and ready.

If we are shooting outdoors in your area please make sure the location is available and has good natural light. I can't emphasize this enough! I will not be able to shoot in a dark room with no light. Nothing harsh where the sun just beams down on us! We want to avoid harsh shadows.

Brand Photography

If I am shooting indoors I like to shoot near windows for light so please clear away any obstructions.

Please have all of your products and props ready to go! Again, I prefer you or your model(s) to look natural, not posed. Sitting and reading a book, laughing, picking flowers, having a picnic so please think about some ideas that will best represent you and/or your products.

Brand Photography
Brand Photography

Brand Photo Shoot Form

1. Take a look at my work to make sure my style aligns with your brand vision. If you like what you see, please contact me using this form.

2. Once I receive your form I will go over your information in detail and contact you with the "next steps" on working together.

3. Next I'll book your time slot in my design queue and send you the contract and first half payment invoice. I accept credit cards, checks, and Paypal. I'll then send your welcome package with an in-depth brand questionnaire.

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