Your Business Energy


Ever have those weeks when everything is clicking?

Your brain is clear and ideas are coming without effort. You feel creative and mighty - you're in the vibration.

Then theres the weeks when peeling yourself off the couch is an effort and you feel drained, foggy, and quiet.

Energy. It comes and goes, flows, gets blocked, and explodes! It never stays the same but it always circles back. In particular, I'm talking about the energy connected to our monthly cycle (men included).

I know for me, the week prior to my period I am a wreak. Any little thing will piss me off and send me into a tailspin. My skin explodes and I feel HANGRY wanting pickles and chocolate at the same time. This is definitely not the time I call Verizon about our bill.

While on my period I am drainnned. I usually have one day where I'm flat out and have to cancel anything scheduled that day. The rest of the week I'm bloated, tired, unmotivated, and down. 

The next couple of weeks I'm on F I R E. I feel creative and have so many ideas I can't contain my excitement! Shit gets done and I am strong and focused during my workouts.

So how can your monthly cycle empower your business?

It's really about observing yourself. The first thing to do is track your moods, feelings, and actions. Get out your calendar and write it down. It doesn't have to be extensive just write one to a few words: I feel ... low, high, angry, sad, energized, worked all day, couldn't get off the couch, felt creative ... Are there consistencies and patterns? Most likely, yes.

Of course, each month will be different and sometimes you'll have to deal with new stress you didn't have to deal with before. But overall you will start to see your mood patterns — which can help you plan out your to-dos. Have an important meeting that needs to be planned or a photo shoot? Don't plan it during your hangry week!


Once you’ve tracked your energy cycles for a few months it’s time to put that information to use for your business:

  1. When you're feeling low/sad/unmotivated: this is the time to do your inner work and focus on being kind to yourself. Maybe an afternoon nap and a cup a tea. Take a day off of work (even if it feels impossible) and go for a long walk. Lay under a blanket with a book or do nothing at all and just think. Cook healthy foods and slow down. Do things that make you happy without feeling guilty. I know when I'm down and look at social media and see everyone’s “fabulous perfect lives” I tend to go deeper into my dark hole because I start to feel like I'm not doing enough or that my life just SUCKS. So I tune it out. I’ll even delete the apps off my phone. I feel more contemplative during these times and even if my brain is foggy I like to write out my feelings. It's a time to step away from your business connect with your spirit and tread lightly.

  2. When you're feeling high/energized/creative/mighty: this is the time to GET THINGS DONE. Put that project in motion. Get that paperwork organized and write the emails you've been sitting on. This is also a great time to clear away negative energy in your business. Wrap up any lingering client work and check off those to-do boxes. Have new ideas you want to create and implement into your business? Do it during this time. 

Because when you better understand your monthly cycle you can use your energy (or lack of) to your advantage. You'll know when it's time to do the inner work and when it's time to get to work. 

Color Analysis

Color analysis

For years my go-to colors were black, brown, and gray. 

Not because I was trying to be "artsy" but because I had gotten lazy and all dark was easy to mix and match.

What I didn't realize about being dark all the time was that it had unknowingly brought me down mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I had never thought about the colors I chose in an intentional way and there was no rhyme or reason to my choices. I shopped on the fly and grabbed things that caught my attention. Only to end up with a lot of "bargains" that never saw the light of day. The worst part is that I wasted so much money

Color is nonverbal communication. It reflects the emotions, feeling, and strengths within us. Dress is a symbol of what we think of ourselves. 

Aging can be brutal if you let yourself slide like I had. Weight gain, wrinkles outta nowhere, and bigger pores all left me feeling blah. But the one thing that bothered me most was the lack of vibrancy in my skin and eyes. I looked DULL all over.

My hair was too dark and my bangs were too blunt and short (my husband lovingly called them monk bangs)! Something needed to change and it was more than just my clothes and hair. 

So I embarked on a transformational journey ...

1. The first transformative step was my hair. My gal cut off over six inches and stripped all the dark out. It made a HUGE difference! I immediately looked 10 years younger and my spirits started to lift. I felt sassy!

2. The second step was to get serious about my health so I hired a trainer to help get my health back on track. I learned a lot working with her and most importantly that real transformation is a journey that never ends.

3. Next I hired a Color Analysis Expert named Joanie, owner of Winning Impressions. The same expert my mom had worked with over 20 years ago!

Joanie showed me the colors, patterns, and shapes that are in my seasons. She hand picked all of the colors you see in my color wheel based on my own coloring.

I learned that we all have dominant and secondary seasons.

"The dominant season (or harmony) is a higher percent of your life. Your secondary is part of you and present in your color spectrum. You are drawn to your secondary and it's look, but do not borrow lines, designs or textures from it or you will create a contradictory look of discord, not harmony. 

The dominant harmony dictates the best look. The secondary is represented in some of the colors, sometimes bone structure, and personality traits."


Dominant: The Fall Harmony (80%)
The colors remind us of the earth and nature's palette. They are radiant, warm, and vital. Fall people have well-defined features, a look of self-confidence and maturity, (though they may feel insecure inside). They are organizers and leaders, down to earth, gregarious. The basic Fall style lines are a square or any part of it, any angular geometric lines, points, and straight lines.

Secondary: The Winter Harmony (20%)
The colors are brilliant, contrasting, black and white, and remind us of a winter landscape. Winter people have a peacock quality, aloof look, have skin like moonlight, and a "sky is the limit," expensive look. They exhibit surface stillness, but are never dull or mundane. The basic Winter style lines are oval and "S" curves, stylized geometrics, or straight lines relieved by curves.

I also learned that my seasons touch all areas of my life - far beyond my clothes and hair style.

It's how I decorate my house, to the lines that are most flattering, to the scents and jewelry I wear. No wonder Fall has always been my favorite season and I love boho style, BIG chunky jewelry, jewel tones, and all things "witchy" and earthy! 

So, in an effort to refresh my senses I’ve been incorporating color everywhere! From my furniture to my clothes to my brand where I brightened up from pastels to punchy color.

What's amazing about all of this is that I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel. Working out, eating better, and injecting color into my life has been transformative. I feel brighter within, more energetic, and happier.

If you're curious about color analysis I've asked Joanie to answer some questions for you. 

MW: What do you do and where did you learn how to do it?

Joanie: First, I had to have a B.A. degree in Art and Education. I completed an intensive color theory course that includes the theory of color in light, color interaction, and the active-passive relationships of color (taught by Veronica Bialik, textile designer and color consultant in San Francisco. I received my technical color analysis training from Dilly Lehnhoff, director and instructor of Color & Style, Moraga, CA. I am also certified in color psychology and color response. 

MW: What exactly is color analysis? How do you determine what season(s) a person is? What factors is it based on?

Joanie: Everyone can wear red, blue, green, or brown, but which ones are yours?

Through a systematic and scientific method of observing your natural coloring (skin, eyes, and hair) a careful selection is chosen from over 4.000 color swatches. 

If a color creates a change in your coloring, the artist does not give you that color. Some colors make you look yellow, green, or grey and consequently sabotage your appearance. 

Your range includes only the colors that enhance your own coloring, establishing how light, dark, bright, or dull you should go in each color. You will also know your harmony and any percentages of the other harmonies. 

Basic Harmony Groups

Colors fall into four basic groups depending on their hues, value, and intensities. 

  1. Spring Harmony (Lively) Colors are light, bright, and cheerful

  2. Summer Harmony (Dynamic) Colors are blended, greyed, and soft

  3. Fall Harmony (Dynamic) Colors are warm, mixed and earthy tones

  4. Winter Harmony (Striking) Colors are clear, brilliant, and contrasting

Each harmony has it’s own relating design lines, textures, and fabrics. Sometimes an item of clothing can be your color but not look right if it is in the wrong design and line or texture. 

MW: What is the difference between “elegants” “dramatics” “romantics” and “neutrals”? 

Joanie: The difference between Elegants, Dramatics, and Romantics is the mood and the energy they represent. 

Neutrals are background colors to which we should add color. They are for pants, skirts, jackets, vests and accessories. They have no energy. If you wear all neutrals, your message is “I have nothing interesting to say or I don’t want to be noticed and I’m ordinary at what I do.” What if that’s not how you want to be perceived? Then, add color to your neutrals.

True colors on the color fan sticks represent the “on the mark” version of the that color family. The next stick is moving onto the next color family, having some of it in the color. 

MW: What are the advantages of color analysis?

  • Save time, effort, and money while shopping by knowing your correct colors, lines, and designs.

  • Find your wardrobe expanding as each piece becomes color coordinated and interchangeable.

  • Discover new colors you never thought you could wear.

  • Learn what mood to project by the colors you wear, i.e., boldness, assurance, restfulness.

  • Use your color analysis to find out more about yourself. Research has shown a direct correlation between your coloring and physical characteristics and your inner essence (or personality).

  • Learn to apply your makeup in harmony.

Thank you, Joanie for sharing your expert knowledge! To contact Joanie and find out more about what she does please visit her website here.

Alone Time Is A Necessity

Alone time can increase your happiness, creativity, and productivity

Did you know that alone time can increase your happiness, creativity, and productivity?

Even if you're the type that gets energized by the hustle, it's important to have alone time without distractions or to-dos. 

Alone time also helps feelings of overwhelm.

By nature I'm a searcher so if I don’t understand something I’ll seek answers. But instead of reading one article, book, or blog I’ll read ten (or more) which completely overwhelms me and then it’s nap time.

Crowds and social situations overwhelm me too. Maybe because I'm triple Pisces and an INFJ? I can talk, mingle, even crack jokes but it drains me. That’s when alone time comes to the rescue. Being alone gives me a chance to recharge and process everything that is in my mind and heart. 

Ever think about how much information we process in a day? Passwords, shapes, voices, tasks, emotions, comments, lists, numbers, decisions, etc … I don’t know about you but it exhausts me.

In this fast paced "everything at your fingertips" world I need alone time more than ever. Even the lines on my palms say so ...

While in New Orleans this past October I had a palm reading and I’m telling you, the hairs on my neck stood up when she started telling me about me.

Apparently there is a line on both of my hands that splits in two and this line shows how much alone time I actually need. Which apparently is a lot. And not just day to day alone time but also solo getaways on my own time.

Luckily my husband Alex is supportive of my alone time. He encourages me to take "my trips" and clears out if he senses I need "my time." He gets it because he needs it too. 

Now all this alone time might sound selfish, scary, or even impossible. But chances are the busier your life is the more likely alone time will benefit you.

Because when I have my alone time I'm taking care of me. 

I'm happier, more creative, more interesting, and more FUN. I have stories to tell and adventures to write down. It helps me be a better person to myself and those around me. 

Alone time can increase your happiness, creativity, and productivity

I believe alone time is crucial to our relationships, happiness, and growth. Most importantly, it helps ignite our creative fire.

When we give ourselves the time and space to read, write, think, dream, create, visualize, and just be we open the door to our deepest desires.

So this week try to get some alone time in. An hour, a day, a week. Even if it feels selfish or impossible - find a way and do it.

Remember that by giving yourself alone time without distractions or to-dos you are recharging yourself which helps you recharge those around you.