Long Term Relationships

I think the hardest thing about being in a long-term relationship is the monotony.

It's the everyday schedule/routine, chores, and house duties that take a toll on loving the one you're with. Maybe some people find comfort and security in sameness but Alex and I don't.

We're adventurers at heart and we like to explore. So when things get too monotonous we're ready to GET OUT.

Taking a drive and letting the road be our guide has always been a way for us to get back to US. In fact, it's how "we" began.

One of our first dates was a late night drive down the Sacramento Delta. Alex had made me a special mixed tape and played it while we cruised in his 1973 Datsun 510.

I'll never forget that night. I couldn't believe someone so special and unique existed.

Fast forward 17 years (and a couple of "new" vintage cars later) and a we're still exploring almost every weekend. Taking drives has become our medicine and the car is our "rolling confessional."

It's a space we feel comfortable in. Listening to mixed tapes on our 80's boombox and getting away from the city allows us one on one time. We can talk or be silent but we're together.

So when find yourself in a love rut and feeling the day-to-day monotony get out, explore, and take a drive. Make it simple without an agenda and let the road be your guide.