Social Media Detox


Recently I had one of those rare and cherished days where I was able to spend time with both of my parents. 

What’s interesting and pitiful is that I found it hard to disconnect. I kept checking my phone, checking my laptop, responding to emails, checking Instagram, checking Facebook on and on …

I felt like one of those assholes documenting every meaningless moment - like my coffee cup instead of listening and sharing. Sound familiar?

Everything you ever wanted to know is at your fingertips and I fear we’re losing our imagination and ability to dream.

I see it everywhere, people like me, standing in line and sitting in restaurants. Surrounded by friends and family all looking down at their devices instead of each other.

It's like we don't know what to do with a spare moment?

Everything you ever wanted to know is at your fingertips and I fear we're losing our imagination and ability to dream.

So I'm challenging you (and myself) to disconnect here and there. Especially when it comes to moments with your loved ones. Put down the device and just be together. 

If you're already doing this - BRAVO. If not, start this weekend or better yet - start today. Because something changes when we're able to spend time together in person without interruptions. We open up.

Down the road, I'm not going to remember what emails I had to write or who posted what on Instagram.

But I will remember my mom standing in the kitchen by the window, chatting, making me dinner and how lucky I felt to be there in that moment.

I will remember laughing, talking about chickens, and riding around on the gator with my dad on that beautiful overcast day. 

Because when I finally put the phone down and let myself fully disconnect an overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me and it took my breath away.