The Magical Wild Within


The Wild Within is your magic, your truth. It’s who you really are when the facades are gone.
The Wild Within is bliss, laughing uncontrollably and feeling happy for no particular reason.
The Wild Within is anger, the fire inside that tells you when things are out of alignment. 
The Wild Within is quiet, the breath of future possibilities. 
The Wild Within is finding balance.

So what do you do when you feel stacked against time, scattered, and zero magic? When The Wild Within feels far away, like a foggy dream?

You stop and reprioritize. 

The past four years have been full of ups and downs as I’ve grown my business. But the one thing I’ve never gotten ahold of is my self-care + work balance.

With me, it’s all or nothing, feast or famine. Work, work, work, rest, work, work, work, clean the cat box, do the dishes, work, eat something, watch a show, have a glass of wine, work, sleep.

The good news is that I’ve grown my business exponentially.

I’ve narrowed in on my dream clients; women who make and do cool things. Created services specifically designed for my dream clients. All while continuing to learn new things and making adjustments to better my services.

Which are all good things that I will happily continue to do. 

What’s missing is the space to breath and make room for new ideas. The time to free up my mind to create content and focus on the self-care I desperately need.

Because now …

The Wild Within is the refection of a person I don’t recognize.
The Wild Within is the pain in my back, my skin, my knees, my heart.
The Wild Within is the blocked negative energy that can’t move. 
The Wild Within is scared.

So it's time for a big shift in my days.

I am making space for Tiger Time a term coined by Amy Porterfield. Tiger Time is a dedicated amount of time each day to create content without interruptions. No social media, texts, emails, meetings, or work to-dos during this time. All notifications and ringers are turned off. 

I am also adding other self-care actions like walking, reiki, massage, meditation, and reading for inspiration. 

I know shifting your day and making space for content creation and/or self-care might seem impossible, maybe even selfish. I thought the same thing until I really thought about it. 

As a solopreneur I am my business. But how will my business grow if all I ever focus on is the day to day work? My business is one to one services but I'd also like to include a Wild Within evergreen offering that I think could help other creatives.

This is something I've been thinking about for YEARS. But I've never put any time into creating it because everything else came first. Just an idea along with hundreds of other ideas written down in one of my many notebooks never to see the light of day. Until now.

Because now ...

The Wild Within is tapping-in and getting my hands dirty.
The Wild Within is giving weight to the things that are important to me.
The Wild Within is action.

Resources: Amy Porterfield's podcast on time management.