The Magical Feminine Energy

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The Magical Feminine Energy


February 3, 2018  |  6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Sacramento, CA
(exact location will be emailed at the end of January)

The Magical Feminine Energy
A divine sensuality and virtue of our womanly essence with special guest Danielle Delorefice owner of Bodhi Method.

Join us for an intimate evening with a select group of women as we explore the creative energy within your Sacral Chakra. 

Svadhishthana (second Chakra) 
“One’s own place" means authentic aspects of oneself. In this space of our second Chakra is the home of our emotions, instincts, senses, sensual love and individuality of creation (birth). It will be an evening of pleasure!  

Included will be tasty nibbles, a signature cocktail (non-alcoholic version as well), and gifts that will take you home to this Chakra space. Along with holistic nutrition tips to clear out negative emotions that block our creative flow. 

Essential Oils that heal and increase positive energy. Meditation techniques to become more in touch with your intuition and personal engaging exercises to help support creation, virtue, your divine sexual energy and open space to your life gifts! 

Join us for a magical evening of eloquence and boldness, as we harness your MIGHTY WITHIN with grace and sensuality!

*Please take into consideration that there are two loving cats at the location in case you are allergic


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